Additional Customizations for the Advanced User

Additional Customizations for the Advanced User

Table of Contents

Simulation Customizations

Printing/Plotting Customizations

Simulation Customizations

When starting Cadence, the default simulator is spectreS. The primary reason we have this set as the default simulator is because of the spectreS models used by the NCSU design kit. It is not difficult to set up a separate simulator and model files each time that you open up the Cadence Analog Design Environment for simulations. However, it is rather time consuming to have to do this every time you start up. There is a way to set up your desired simulator and files without ever having to worry about it again.

First, you need to create a file called ".cdsenv" in your root directory (not your cadence directory). You can do this by simply opening a new file with your favorite text editor.

nedit .cdsenv &

On the first line, include the following line with your desired simulator in quotes. Your options are spectre, spectreS, hspiceS, and cdsSpice.

asimenv.startup       simulator       string  "spectre"

Next, you need to include a command to link your corresponding model files.

simulator.envOpts    modelvariable       string   "  "

For the "simulator.envOpts" variable, you want to list your desired simulator (i.e. "hspiceS.envOpts"). For the "modelvariable" variable, you want to list the corresponding simulator variable. For each simulator, use a different variable:

spectre => modelFiles

spectreS => modelPath

hspiceS => modelPath

cdsSpice => modelPath

Then, in the string quotes, list your files or paths with spaces in between (you may list more than one).


spectre.envOpts    modelFiles   string   "/ee2/Cadence/local/designkits/tsmc25rf/models/mix025_1.scs" 


spectreS.envOpts    modelPath  string   "/ee2/Cadence/NCSU/local/models/spectre/nom /ee2/Cadence/NCSU/local/models/spectre/fast" 

Printing/Plotting Customizations

Some of you work in research labs or offices within the Clyde building and BYU Campus. Sometimes it is desirable to print your Cadence schematics, layouts, and simulation data on something other than the CAEDM printers. If you wish to print your Cadence results on another printer, please send a request to the ECEn sysops with subject "Cadence Printer Setup Request". In this request, please include your room number, printer number, and any other relevant information. The sysops will then place a important file entitled .cdsplotinit in your root directory (don't delete it) that will allow you to print your Cadence results to the specific printer.