Cadence Resource Page

Finding Cadence documentation

Cadence documentation can be accessed by typing cdnshelp on a terminal command line after you have set up the Cadence environment. It may also be acessed from the menus of each individual tool; if you use the "Help->Contents" menu option, the users manual for the tool will be opened. The documentation may also be searched.

Tutorials which are specifically verified for ECEn 451

For Lab #1 (schematic entry)

For Lab #2 (layout)

For Lab #3 (characterization)

Other tutorials which may be helpful, but are not 451-specific, use an older version of Cadence, and may be misleading

User Setup
Advanced Setup/Customizations

Other Tutorials (for older versions of Cadence)

Digital Tutorials
2:1 Mux Schematic
2:1 Mux Simulation
4:1 Mux Hierarchy
4:1 Mux Simulation
Characterizing Cells and Writing a Technology Library File
Build Gates
Standard Cell
Chip Assembly Router

Analog Tutorials
Building an Inverter: Using Virtuoso Schematic to draw schematic and create symbol for it
Simulating an Inverter: Building a testbench for your circuit and Simulating it
Layout of an Inverter: Layout, Extraction, and LVS
Post Layout Simulation of an Inverter
Verilog-A: A Brief Introduction to Verilog-A (This tutorial removed because Cadence doesn't want you to learn how to use their tools.)
Other Tutorials
Transferring Cadence data to Matlab


For Sysops: Setting up Cadence for the Linux Machines

Additional Information of Interest

Software included in Cadence Package
BYU Cadence Model/Design Kits